About Us

Our Passion

In a world full of coffees we wish to bring our passion to the mix.

Sourcing, sustainable, organic and rainforest-friendly speciality coffee beans, our ethos is to bring you exceptional coffee while supporting small-scale farmers and co-operatives.

We choose to work with suppliers and importers who prefer to invest in the welfare of both growers and the environment. 

Our Speciality Coffee

 Artisan - definition: 'A skilled individual or company that makes high-quality and distinctive products, usually by hand and in small quantities.' 

We selectively source premium coffees from around the world with distinct flavour profiles.

As a coffee roaster, the artisan skill comes in retaining as much of the flavour notes of a bean variety as possible, while retaining sweetness, developing body and avoiding unpleasant bitterness.

With a multitude of variables which impact upon the final roast flavour, we intuitively make adjustments throughout the roasting process to arrive at the desired taste.

We love great coffee and want to share it with you!

Roasted When You Order

Our beans are hand-roasted to order, ensuring optimum bean-to-cup freshness and flavour.