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  •  Country: Peru
  • Region: Las Pirias, Chirinos, Cajamarca
  • Farm: Los Pinos
  • Variety: Bourbon, Catuai, Caturra
  • Altitude: 1810 masl
  • Processing Method: Washed

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As one of the top producers of Arabica beans, Peru has a remarkable number of certified organic coffees, as well as Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance, and UTZ certified coffees. 

 In the near future we will see more and more 'finest quality' coffees coming out of Peru, many of which will become single-origin offerings to be reckoned with. 

In the region of Cajamarca a small group of producers have been developing microlot-quality coffees for several years. 

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Jesus Clever Acosta is one of those micro-lot producers and owns a 2-hectare farm, Los Pinos.

The farm is situated in the remote northern highlands of Peru in the Alto Pirias area of Chirinos, which lies in the Cajamarca region.

By virtue of its high altitude, ideal growing conditions, and excellent varieties, coffees from this area exhibit a fruity and complex taste profile. 


This particular Organic certified micro-lot is

Sweet and savory with lots of fruit acidity and a thick chewy mouthfeel; very sugary with caramel, chocolate,

and cherry flavors,